Tristar LLC, Sustainable infrastructures for the present and future.
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...the possibilities are endless...
...our global resources are not.
Tri-Star Collaborative, LLC is an experienced consultancy group that designs, implements and manages civil engineering and infrastructure projects that fluidly integrate and preserve the value of resources: human, economic and environmental.

Roads, bridges and buildings are the structural network enabling viable economies to flourish.

Individuals, communities and their governments are the manpower whose needs dictate the planning, implementation and management of these infrastructures.

Environmental concerns are paramount to making sure that these networks are durable enough to last for generations.

Tri-Star Collaborative, LLC takes all of these factors into account when creating sustainable engineering projects. Our credibility is garnered by extensive international experience in the public, private and non-profit markets with a focus on post-conflict areas. We aim to bolster these regions through relevant infrastructures that synthesize the varied social, economic and environmental issues pertaining to each place.


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